Frequently Asked Questions


What to wear

Girls: Black bodysuit, tights and red ballet slippers. Hair should be tied back in a ponytail or bun.
Boys: Black shorts, plain white t-shirt, white socks and black ballet slippers.


Girls: You can purchase red ballet slippers at the following retail locations:

1. Lasyds Dancewear (NW)
2. The Masque (SE)

Boys: You can purchase black dance slippers at the locations above or any other dance wear store.

In addition, Barvinok has a program where dancers sell/buy used footwear for a reasonable price.


Barvinok supplies all costume parts with the exception of footwear, socks and undergarments.


School year

Classes run from September to April beginning the first Thursday after labour day. The ensemble practices from September to June.

School breaks

There is a Christmas Break but not a Spring Break.


1. February – Dinner & dance – All classes perform.
2. March – SAUDF – All classes except for pre-beginners perform.
3. April – Year end concert – All classes perform.
4. May – Cheremosh Ukrainian Dance Festival (St. Albert, Alberta) – Senior and adult classes perform.
5. June – Ukrainian Festival – All classes perform.



No formal auditions are held for the classes. The Artistic Director separates the dancers into classes after observing the dancers for the first two sessions.


No dance experience is required to join Barvinok regardless of the age of the dancer.


You don’t have to be Ukrainian to have fun. As matter of fact, we encourage dancers from all backgrounds to join Barvinok.