Lena Rietze



Q: How long have you danced?

  • I have been dancing since 1997 years (I was 3 years old) and I am still currently dancing.

Q: What are your biggest dance accomplishments?

In the past I have won various scholarships at dance competitions. I’ve also had some amazing opportunities to travel and dance in different places in the world such as Ukraine and Spain. Lastly, I am currently a part of Suzirya Ukrainian Dance Theater which was something I wanted to be a part of since I was a child.

Q: Where have you danced in the world?

  • I have done dance workshops and performed in different regions of Ukraine.
  • Together with Barvinok instructors, I went to Saskatoon for a gypsy dance workshop.
  • While in Suzirya Ukrainian Dance Theater, I have had the opportunity to perform in Spain and Toronto.

Q: What type of dance are you most specialized in?

  • I am mostly specialized in Ukrainian dance and ballet.

Q: What dance groups do you belong to?

  • I currently belong to Suzirya Ukrainian Dance Theater.