Tara Sheppard



I started my journey in the performing arts as a young gymnast at the Stampede City Gymnastics Club. From there, I moved on to becoming a cheerleader for my Junior high School basketball team, cheering with the “A” squad for one year. Soon discovered my passion for Ukrainian dance. At the age of 12, under the instruction of Natalka Kravec and Trevor Shular, I began to dance with the Barvinok Ukrainian Dance Society. Receiving numerous medal standings throughout Alberta, I performed at many private functions and community events. Over the 9 years with Barvinok, I attended various workshops with prestigious dance instructors.

Ballet is another passion of mine and to enhance my training, I attended many classes with Premiere Dance Academy and Susie Von Hellermann School of Ballet. From there, I moved on and began dancing with the Tryzub Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, under the direction of Serguei Makarov. Dancing with Tryzub for 4 years, I traveled across Western Canada and Australia with their Awakenings production.

At the end of 2004, a new and dynamic dance group developed. Under the Direction of Serguei Makarov, I joined Suzirya as one of the original founding members. I was not just a dancer, I also helped build Suzirya from the ground up. I found great pleasure seeing the dance group grow as fast and as successful as it has over the past 8 years. Dancing isn’t just a hobby; it’s a passion that lives in every step I take.